Mother church of 'San Martino Vescovo'

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The church, dedicated to San Martino, has a basilica with three naves. The first building dates back as the thirteenth century, but it was certainly rebuilt in 1382, enlarged in the following century and decorated in the eighteenth century, when it acquired its present appearance. The dome was painted first by Carmelo Salpietra in 1783 and then by Joseph Genzardi in 1854. Remarkable the wooden church choir by Giovan Battista Li Volsi 1635, and a wooden panel representing the Adoration of the Magi, attributed to Tommaso De Vigilia.
Among the many treasures here guarded, we have the Santa Rosalia, attributed to Pietro Novelli, the seventeenth-century wooden statue of San Sebastiano, the sixteenth century statue made of gilded wood of San Filippo d'Agira, and the beautiful monumental sculpture in carved and gilded wood of the Madonna dell 'Itria, attributed to Ferraro and Buttafuoco between 1599 and 1600.
The restoration works have concerned on both the exterior of the church, with the replacement of the windows and the revision of the roof, and the interior, with the consolidation of the vault of the left aisle, the sewing up of the transept area's cracks, the partial reconstruction of the base plaster of the interior, the removal and replacement of the marble bases, the restoration of the stucco and the reducing of the rising damp.