Nuclear Medicine Department Parma

The new pavilion will be independent and autonomous, but placed in the hospital context.
The design of the pavilion is based on the concept of the horizontal development of the hospital, which breaks with the idea of the vertical monobloc, developing the principle of horizontal dominant organization.
This concept promotes better working conditions, thanks also to the penetration of natural light in the places, so to have a better quality of service for users.
The presence of natural light in the heart of the building, the integration with the landscape and the surrounding nature, the use of color, contribute to the "humanization" of the environments.
The pavilion will have an area of "clinical imaging" for the service delivery of conventional diagnostic nuclear medicine and PET / CT, the laboratory for production, using cyclotron, of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical use and research, carried out according to GMP (Good manufacturing Practice), specifics for the manipulation of molecules for pharmaceutical use, the production site of the tracers used for PET imaging, and finally the unit of "molecular imaging" for the experimental and research study of new molecules.

2012 PARMA - IT