Hospital 'CARAVAGGIO' in Treviglio

To optimize the responsiveness of hospital "Caravaggio" in Treviglio, to the growing demand for specialist services, the internal routes for users and the functional connections of the services and hospital areas have been redesigned, creating also a new entrance gallery. Likewise, the renovation of some departments and the creation of new spaces have resulted in the enhancement the hospital and, at the same time, in the improvement of quality and organization. The new gallery, way to most of the departments, and key element of the functional organization of the hospital, has a very simple system of paths, easily recognizable thanks also to the assignment of a specific color. The departments subject to intervention, among which there are the Surgical Oncology and Obstetrics Departments, the Blood Transfusion Centre, the Psychiatric Department, the Motor Rehabilitation Department, were architecturally arranged so as to respond to operational requirements and to the need of flexibility characteristic of an hospital building, but also to the desire to offer users reassuring, bright and serene places. Elements such as the presence of natural light, the warmth of materials and colors, contribute to the achievement of this objective. The color and the lighting, if properly chosen, arouse in those who stay, good mood and well-being, therefore distract the patient from pain and from himself.
2008-2010 TREVIGLIO (BG) - IT