Headquarters of the Province of Bergamo

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In the design of the new headquarters of the Province of Bergamo, two basic elements have been contemplated: the walls that surround the upper city, and the presence of historic towers. The combination of these two elements, in the project, has given life to a tower that does not have preferential axes , but provides different visual and different visual permeability of Bergamo. The new tower, with its vertical gardens, will stand out in the skyline of Bergamo and at the same time will provide a direct link with the other high elements of the city. The choice of a tower, is the desire to draw a vertical sign that shows the center of gravity of the urban area. The building is designed as a system composed of two main functional elements , a tower of 25 floors with a total height of 88 meters, containing office space and executive centres, which rests on a horizontal volume, of 3 floors , which contains the public and representative functions. Under it there is a three levels basement, here are the car parking spaces and the power plants.