Sala Baviera of Villa 'Palagonia'

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The complex was erected in 1680 by the first Duke of Sperlinga. The Palace has marvelous staircases inside, has a large inner court with two large gardens, overlooked by long balustraded terraces, has a chapel and halls, frescoed with paintings of exquisite workmanship by Vito D'Anna, a painter of Palermo, and Gaspare Fumagalli, of Roman origin. Subject of the restoration is the Hall Baviera, the ancient hall for hearing, in the northern wing of the complex. The restoration works have concerned the consolidation and the safety of the wooden ribbing of the vault of the hall, the recovery of the massive grand staircase in marble, the restoration of the frescoes, of the 700 masters Vito D'Anna and Gaspare Fumagalli, painted in the apse, in the dome and in the medallion of the hall.