The church of 'La Martorana'

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The church was founded in 1143, built by asian artists according to the Byzantine style, it has a Greek cross plan, extended with the narthex and the atrium. In the years 1683-1687, the central apse has been destroyed and replaced with the present baroque chapel of inlaid marble, the southern facade has been torn down and a new one has been created, according to the Baroque style of the era. After the first body of the building (eighteenth-century makeover with frescoed vaults) we arrive at the church itself. Here the upper part of the walls is entirely covered with mosaic decorations of the Byzantine period, at the top of the dome there is a mosaic depicting Christ Pantocrator, the focal point of the entire Byzantine mosaic decoration. The magnificent repertory of mosaics of the church, is the oldest in Sicily.