Infectious Diseases Depart. Hosp. 'MACCHI'

The Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, has an area of about 3,500 square meters, spread over 3 floors, plus a basement, where there are power stations and changing rooms.
On the mezzanine floor there are outpatient clinics, day hospital, the clinic of sample taking.
On the first and second floors there are the hospitalizations.
Every room is equipped with a window, that looks out onto a corridor, closed and air-conditioned, that turning along the outer perimeter of the pavilion, creates an area for dialogue between visitors and patients.
The presence of the corridor, also allows the separation of the paths dirty-clean.
The air conditioning system is computerized, in order to manage, with appropriate probes, the pressure level of the rooms, keeping every room in overpressure or depression compared to the outside, depending on the disease characteristics of the patients.

2008 VARESE - IT