High Technology Departments

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We have designed many diagnostic and therapy high-tech departments, including those of the of National Oncology Institute (INT) in Milan, of the European Oncology Institute (IEO) in Milan, of the Hospitals of Como, of Cremona, of Aviano, of Parma, of Cantu, and more.
In these departments, the latest generation of medical diagnostic equipment have been installed, such as open MRI, multi slice CT scan, and in particular LINAC that, rotating around the patient and on themselves, are able to perform the so-called "tumor tracking".
In addition to a careful design of the plant infrastructure (essential both for the proper functioning of the equipment and for ensuring the conditions of maximum comfort to the patient) and of the protection from ionizing radiation, we have focused special attention to architectural design, to "Humanize " the department and in particular the treatment room, studying the relationship between spaces and between individuals - patients and care providers - using light, volumes, materials and especially the colors to erase the sense of alienation, usually associated to the classic "closed" hospital , made of textures and colors anonymous and oppressive.

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